Good reasons to join the ZIV

The ZIV is the national interest group for the German and international bicycle industry – including importers and wholesalers as well as established companies and start-ups from the entire bicycle ecosystem.

As an industry association, the ZIV brings together and represents the interests of around 120 member companies vis-à-vis lawmakers in the EU and Germany, the German government, authorities, media, institutions and organisations. 90% of the bicycles and e-bikes that were produced in Germany in 2022 came from ZIV member companies.

We work every day to ensure that the bicycle industry is doing well.
Burkhard Stork | Managing Director, ZIV
Join the ZIV and help make our common voice louder. There are many good reasons to become a member:
Your membership in the ZIV means that you’re represented on decision-making levels that you cannot normally access individually as a company. The ZIV cooperates with the German government on behalf of the German bicycle industry and has particularly close relations with the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport, both up to the ministerial level and with high-ranking civil servants.

The ZIV does not only represent your company’s interests on the federal level, though, but also on the federal state and European levels as a member of the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI). In the political dialogue within Germany (on the legislative, executive and administrative levels), the ZIV ensures the most favourable positioning for all aspects relating to bicycles and e-bikes.

We’re involved in countless boards and committees and enter into additional partnerships as necessary to support our work (for example, with experts for sustainability) while also expanding our own resources in this area.
Technology and standardisation
The safety of your products is of utmost importance to us. Hence the ZIV’s commitment to safety-related standardisation on the German (DIN), European (CEN) and international (ISO) levels forms a central part of our work. These days, European and international standards exist for almost all bicycle-related products, ensuring a reliable basis for production and sales for all involved parties.

The ZIV chairs or is involved in countless technical committees. The technical developments and market success of e-bikes contribute a strong additional dynamic: special working groups help advance the key topics – from standardisation and risk analysas to the disposal of batteries and transport of hazardous goods.
ZIV market data
ZIV members have access to a variety of data sources as part of their membership. Accurate, timely and detailed market data enhances decision-making processes for ZIV members of all sizes – from start-ups to multinationals.

For more than 50 years now, the ZIV has published the economic figures for the German bicycle industry. The ZIV market data is the central source for surveys, monitoring and analyses of developments within the industry and also provides outlooks on trends and the future of the market.
Services and initiatives
Monitoring and advance warnings
The ZIV is well positioned to look to the future and assess potential threats and opportunities for the industry. Examples include our early work on battery regulation and our leading role in the development of a sustainability guide for the bicycle industry. Join the ZIV for the early analysis of issues that could affect your business.

Communication and mediation
For antitrust reasons, the ZIV cannot get involved in business matters between members. We can, however, act as a neutral party to facilitate an exchange or discussion, or help you to reach a consensus on matters affecting the industry as appropriate.

Networking and exchanges
Personal exchanges, both online and in person, provide an important basis for effective association work and are another key benefit for our members. We meet once a year for the ZIV annual conference and general meeting; there are also countless other working groups and event formats – on the C-level and working level. These meetings are a welcome opportunity to meet like-minded people and socialise in a non-competitive setting.
Interested? Need more information?
Susanne Dietrich is on hand to assist should you have any questions or wish to learn more about the benefits and conditions of ZIV membership.

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