Sustainability initiative: bicycle associations publish guidelines for the bicycle industry

During Eurobike 2023, the associations representing the bicycle industry (Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (ZIV), Verbund Service und Fahrrad (VSF) and Zukunft Fahrrad) and the BIKEBRAINPOOL published guidelines for the bicycle industry on sustainability reporting in accordance with the German Sustainability Code.

«We’re proud to be able to present the sustainability reporting guide at Eurobike today together with our partners from the other bicycle industry associations.» Says a delighted Anke Schäffner, who is key coordinator for the guidelines and Head of Policy & Advocacy at the ZIV. «Its development in recent months involved an intensive awareness-raising and development process in our industry and has prompted a growing number of companies to begin working towards operating more sustainably. The guide will motivate and support them in this.»
From left to right: Ulrike Saade (BIKEBRAINPOOL), Jasper Berg, Sabine Zickgraf (VSF), Anke Schäffner (ZIV), Alexander Rosenthal (Zukunft Fahrrad)

Sustainability is a central topic of our time and the companies and associations active in the bicycle industry are also addressing this topic intensively. Many companies in the bicycle industry are today striving to operate more sustainably and to keep sight of the entire supply chain. For even if bicycles are an environmentally-friendly mode of transport, a great many opportunities and extensive potential still exist for the bicycle industry to act more sustainably overall.
Reporting a legal requirement for a growing number of companies
The ever stricter EU legislation also means that significantly more companies, including some from the bicycle industry, will be obliged to report on their sustainability measures in a management report in the future. With the sustainability code for the bicycle industry, the associations are now providing companies with explanations and guidelines to help them report on the scope, planning, status and progress of the issue in accordance with the requirements of the German Sustainability Code. The sustainability code for the bicycle industry above all offers guidance for the concrete implementation of sustainability reporting. It moreover contains practical examples along with lots of information on sustainability regulations, reporting standards and obligations. With this comprehensive information, the associations are additionally pursuing the common goal of motivating as many companies as possible to address the topic of sustainability in the bicycle industry more intensively, to look both inwards and to the future, and to set goals and report on these.

Countless companies from the bicycle industry were directly involved in the development process that lasted several months through various formats. Among others, a two-day in-person workshop took place in Berlin and in-depth interviews were conducted with different company representatives on their specific expectations and requirements for the project

The guide for the bicycle industry on sustainability reporting in accordance with the German Sustainability Code was presented at Eurobike 2023. The associations were advised during the concept and implementation by the agency sustainable natives.