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The ZIV represents the national interests of the German and international bicycle industry – including importers and wholesalers as well as established businesses and start-ups from the entire bicycle ecosystem.

As an industry association, the ZIV brings together and represents the interests of around 130 member companies vis-à-vis lawmakers in the EU and Germany, the German government, authorities, media, institutions and organisations. 90% of the bicycles and e-bikes produced in Germany in 2023 were from ZIV member companies, which export 1.4 million units every year in addition to sales on the domestic market. The ZIV represents established companies and start-ups, manufacturers and retailers (including importers and wholesalers) as well as players from the entire bicycle ecosystem.
In dialogue with political decision-makers
The association’s work encompasses a diverse range of tasks that continue to evolve with the increasing importance of bicycles and e-bikes in everyday life, leisure and sport, and as an indispensable service provider for the mobility of the future. The industry’s economic importance grows with bicycles’ new role. Germany is the largest market for bicycles and e-bikes in Europe. Our members are among the global innovation leaders for e-bike technology. Every year, German bicycle companies export around two million bicycles and e-bikes. The German bicycle industry employs some 280,000 people directly or indirectly.

The ZIV doesn’t only represent its members’ interests on the federal and national levels, but also on the European level as a member of the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI). In the political dialogue with Germany’s legislative, executive and administrative levels, the ZIV ensures the most favourable positioning for all aspects relating to bicycles and e-bikes.

We’re committed to improving the framework conditions for bicycle usage and work closely with political decision-makers to achieve an attractive industrial and economic policy environment for Germany as a bicycle location. One central goal is to gain legal and social recognition for bicycles as an equally worthy mode of transport. For they offer solutions to a number of pressing political and social challenges – beside walking, they offer the most environmentally friendly, space-saving and healthiest form of mobility. Hence bicycles should top the political agenda.
For increased safety
and uniform standards
The safety of the products offered by the bicycle industry is of utmost importance to us. Hence the ZIV’s commitment to safety-related standardisation on the German (DIN), European (CEN) and international (ISO) levels forms a central part of our work. European and international standards today exist for almost all bicycle-related products, ensuring a reliable basis for the production and sales of all involved parties.

The ZIV chairs or is involved in countless technical committees. The technical developments and market success of e-bikes contribute a strong additional dynamic: special working groups advance the key topics – from standardisation and risk analysis to the disposal of batteries and the transport of hazardous goods.
Getting cycling on the agenda
The importance and appeal of bicycles continue to increase some 200 years after its invention. The ZIV actively works to get cycling on the agenda with the aim of promoting the image of bicycles and e-bikes among all relevant target groups and the general population.

The measures range from media relations with press conferences, background discussions and press releases through communication on social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn to trade fair appearances, the organisation of industry events and cooperations with numerous partners. This work also includes intensive active internal communication via digital channels and presence formats to ensure a close exchange and uniform information among members.
The bicycle market in figures:
the ZIV market data
For more than 50 years now, the ZIV has published the economic figures for the German bicycle industry: the ZIV market data is the central source for surveys, monitoring and analyses of developments within the industry and also provides outlooks on trends within the sector and the future of the market.

A rapid increase in the importance of e-bikes in particular has been observed for a number of years; in 2023, they accounted for 53 % (2022: 48 %) of total sales and exceeded the number of bicycles sold for the first time.. The ZIV’s statistics also reflect the growing variety of models and range of innovations of bicycles and e-bikes. Hence the developments in the cargo bike category have also been included in the figures for years now. In 2023, the figures for the bicycle trailer market, which has been severely underestimated to date, were included for the first time.
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