Bicycle industry defies negative consumer climate

Despite the generally negative consumer climate, bicycle production and sales attained very high levels in 2023 – comparable to the 2020 bicycle boom year. The number of bicycles and e-bikes in Germany grew to a record 84 million in 2023 (2022: 82.8 million) and included around 11 million e-bikes. According to the ZIV, market saturation isn’t yet in sight however.

Despite the current economic situation, bicycles and e-bikes remain very popular among consumers
Burkhard Stork | CEO, ZIV
E-bikes are driving the bicycle industry – in almost all product categories. In 2023, more e-bikes were sold in Germany than bicycles for the first time: e-bikes held a 53% share of the market with 2.1 million units sold (2022: 48%) and bicycles a 47% share with 1.9 million units sold (2022: 52%). The high share of specialist retailers is noteworthy here at 77%.

Following an all-time high in the previous year, the production of bicycles and e-bikes stabilised at a very good level in 2023: With 2.3 million units produced, production was on a par with the 2020 boom year. If the contract manufacturing by German companies abroad is also taken into account, then the German bicycle industry produced a total of 3 million bicycles and e-bikes in 2023.

The bicycles and e-bikes sold in Germany in 2023 were worth a total of €7.06 billion (2022: €7.36 billion; 2021: €6.56 billion; 2019: €4 billion). The intrinsic value of products is also reflected in the sales prices. Across all sales channels (specialist retailers, online, hypermarkets, etc.), the industry recorded a gross average sale price of €470 for bicycles (2022: €500) and €2,950 for e-bikes (2022: €2,800) in 2023.

«The popularity of bicycles and e-bikes will continue,» predicts ZIV CEO Burkhard Stork: «The market data we have published clearly shows that people in Germany greatly value cycling and the associated products in everyday life and recreation. Policymakers should continue to implement appropriate measures to sustain this trend.»

For more than 50 years: the bicycle industry in figures

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